An Amazing App Where They Do The Magic And You Get All The Credit!

Let the audience know you have a free iPhone App they can download that performs six amazing feats of magic. Now for the clever part: The App links directly to your website for the latest information about you and how to book your show.

It's like having your own personal PR agent!

For iPhone/iPad running iOS 8 or higher

$500 for custom iPhone/iPad App including upload to the App Store.

$300 for the first 24 orders.

NEW PRO Version will offer Push Notifications for an addtional $100


It’s Marketing That Works Like . . . Well, Magic

These are six simple, self-working classics that laypeople can perform and share — making them remember you long after the show.

How many times have you talked to layman about another magician and they ALWAYS forget their name? This is the business card they can’t lose or won’t throw away!

THE WORLD'S GREATEST BUSINESS CARD App will be available as a free download on the App store for all your fans.

A few screen shots:

Download free sample App


"Beautiful work, brilliant! BIG Thanks!
— Marc Salem

"Thanks for the great App Carl!
What a brilliant new marketing idea - it's the only 'business card' I'll ever need ;)"
— Tim Ellis

"Carl I love my Magic App not only is it a cool magic giveaway at my shows but it puts my website in front of hundreds more people a month.
And I never have to worry about a client losing my Business card because it's on their phone
Thank you again,"
— Erick Olson

"Carl's new magic app is fantastic!  The interactive effects are easy to do yet baffling for the user.  Being able to tell people that you have a free app is impressive and the best part is they will share it with their friends!" — Tony Brent, Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

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